Non-Stop: SFO-KIK

A friend drops me at the airport shuttle stop, it is just $20 and one hour ride to SFO.  From there, an 11 hour flight that departs at 11 a.m., and arrives at 4 p.m.  Tokyo and all of Japan is 17 hours ahead of me.

I glance at my ticket. United Flight 35, total paid: $48, plus 70,000 miles.  My plane is almost free.  Bonus: I have Silver status, which allows a gratis upgrade to the 34″ seat from the 31″ seat.

The Japan Plan

I’ve booked my first two nights hotel stay in Osaka, for about $100 a night on  I chose a hotel close to the city center, which will aid in my first day visit to Kobe, half hour away by train.  I’ll arrive around 4 p.m., make my way to the hotel and then find some dinner.

IMG_4188Going West is fairly easy to adjust to the time change.  Simply stay up a little longer.  When I land, it will be close to 11 p.m. in San Francisco.  I’ll stay up another five or six hours to stretch my day.


As the plan closes on the airport, I can see Shikoku out the right side, and Kansai out the left side.

The rolling hills of Japan are beautiful.  Japan is mountainous, and 63% covered by forest.  A day hiker’s paradise?  We will find out.  The plane rolls up to the gate, and we shuffle off the plane towards immigration and Japan!



Author: Cultural Explorer

Multi-Day Thru-Hiker. Cultural Explorer. Traveler of thousand-year old trails. Cool forests of Japan, South America, North America and Europe. The East and the West.

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