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Non-Stop: SFO-KIK

A friend drops me at the airport shuttle stop, it is just $20 and one hour ride to SFO.  From there, an 11 hour flight that departs at 11 a.m., and arrives at 4 p.m.  Tokyo and all of Japan is 17 hours ahead of me.

I glance at my ticket. United Flight 35, total paid: $48, plus 70,000 miles.  My plane is almost free.  Bonus: I have Silver status, which allows a gratis upgrade to the 34″ seat from the 31″ seat.

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Hiking Through 17th Century Japan

It’s a romantic notion, to be immersed in Japan:

It’s a romantic notion, to be immersed in Japan:

  • Thousand year old paths that wander through hills and small villages.
  • One of the most stable democracies in the world,
  • Crime is almost nonexistent,
  • Chefs want to die there…best food in the world,
  • Yamato Culture: 2500 Years

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Forest Hiking: Makes You Healthy and Happy

Forest therapy uses the medically proven effects of walking in a forest and observing the environment to promote feelings of relaxation and improve both physical and mental health.

I make it a point to hike when I travel.  It’s one way I keep my body fit.  One body, one life.  Moreover, I’ve always had a preference to forest walks. Desert, open ridges, beaches, and other places without trees, they are fine.  Still, forests always felt better.  There is science behind it!  Let’s explore the mental and physical benefits of forest hiking. Continue reading “Forest Hiking: Makes You Healthy and Happy”

Packing Books

I have so many friends that are interested in hiking in Japan, but they are a bit timid, because of the language barrier.

So, I will find out what it’s all about. That’s my plan, and I’ll tell you here.

What to take for three weeks in Japan?

Traveling involves a lot of waiting on planes, trains and busses.  For reading material, I have:

Obtaining Japanese Pilgrimage was an adventure in itself.  Long out of print, it was available in downtown San Francisco.  I made the trip to a charity re-seller, and paid $15 in person.  Also a long list of books on Kindle and iBooks that ensure I cannot run out of good times for the mind.

There isn’t really a good amount of current hiking information about Japan, as opposed to the plethora of information on Camino Santiago, or Machu Pichu, and of course the Pacific Crest Trail.

I have so many friends that are interested in hiking in Japan, but they are a bit timid, because of the language barrier.

So, I will find out what it’s all about.  That’s my plan, and I’ll tell you here.

What? Hiking in Japan in the middle of Winter? Am I nuts?

Ten days to Go.

Pick up my passport today. Woo hoo.

Looking at the 10 day forecast for Japan for the first time now, it looks like there’s gonna be a lot of rain.  I’m starting to wonder: “Why am I taking my first trip hiking in Japan, in the dead of winter?”

I envision slogging down slippery trails, soaked, tired, miserable.

Now the rationalization starts, a dialogue between my anxious self and my practical self:

I can delay until March Spring time when it’s wonderful and the flowers are starting to come out and everything is lovely.  As an experienced hiker, I know that hiking alone in bad weather is dangerous.  So…maybe I should delay until, March, just a 2 month delay.

However, as an experienced hiker, I know that as long as I stick to well-traveled routes, I should be okay.  Still, I have bought all this cold weather gear end and I have my tickets so.. why not go?  I think the good news is that except for New Year’s Eve I shouldn’t have any problem finding accommodations as this is low season.  

I stick with my plan, if it rains too much, I’ll have books.  Plenty of books.