Hiking Through 17th Century Japan

It’s a romantic notion, to be immersed in Japan:

It’s a romantic notion, to be immersed in Japan:

  • Thousand year old paths that wander through hills and small villages.
  • One of the most stable democracies in the world,
  • Crime is almost nonexistent,
  • Chefs want to die there…best food in the world,
  • Yamato Culture: 2500 Years

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What? Hiking in Japan in the middle of Winter? Am I nuts?

Ten days to Go.

Pick up my passport today. Woo hoo.

Looking at the 10 day forecast for Japan for the first time now, it looks like there’s gonna be a lot of rain.  I’m starting to wonder: “Why am I taking my first trip hiking in Japan, in the dead of winter?”

I envision slogging down slippery trails, soaked, tired, miserable.

Now the rationalization starts, a dialogue between my anxious self and my practical self:

I can delay until March Spring time when it’s wonderful and the flowers are starting to come out and everything is lovely.  As an experienced hiker, I know that hiking alone in bad weather is dangerous.  So…maybe I should delay until, March, just a 2 month delay.

However, as an experienced hiker, I know that as long as I stick to well-traveled routes, I should be okay.  Still, I have bought all this cold weather gear end and I have my tickets so.. why not go?  I think the good news is that except for New Year’s Eve I shouldn’t have any problem finding accommodations as this is low season.  

I stick with my plan, if it rains too much, I’ll have books.  Plenty of books.

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